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Canoe Kedra Atlantis yellow 268 cm with paddle

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Kedra is the new Atlantis compact sit on top kayak designed to have fun paddling at the sea. Kedra is 266 cm long and has a load capacity of 125 kg, built in high density polyethylene despite a very light weight of only 17 kg.
The conformation of the hull allows them to be used by everyone and at any age or level of preparation, therefore they are ideal for companies that will charter them out to their customers. Kedra is a safe and robust canoe, with an all-Italian design that focuses on ergonomics.

The design of the hull has allowed the creation of a large locker with a hinged cap in the central area, to be able to store essential objects. The aft compartment complete with an elastic net is also very large , and there is also a further comfortable compartment with an elastic net in the bow. The position of the seat with backrest is adjustable for users of all heights, so that paddling is comfortable and never tiring.

The Atlantis Kedra is a rigid and slim-sized canoe that is offered complete with some essential accessories such as the aluminum paddle , side handles and an integrated wheel to facilitate transport on any surface. Inside the hull, which is made with rotational mold technology, drainage holes have been made for excess water. During the water test, we appreciate the extreme ease of the Kedra in every maneuver made fluid by the particular design with rounded corners. The width of 66 cm makes it slim but at the same time very stable horizontally.

Supplied Accessories Included

  • removable aluminum paddle
  • integrated toe clip templates
  • standard seat in neoprene with rigid folding backrest
  • 1 locker with hinged nautical cap
  • 2 side handles
  • bow handle
  • 1 drain plug
  • rear compartment elastic mesh
  • elastic front compartment

Technical features

Length: 266cm
Width: 66cm
Height: 26cm
Yellow color
Weight: 17kg
Maximum load: 125 Kg
Material: high intensity polyethylene
Technology: Blow molding
Use: recreational, touring
Warranty: 2 years

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